is a UX recruiting tool. I use it to help me find the best users to conduct studies with. For this study, however, I harnessed the power of ethnio to conduct tests on-- wait for it-- ethnio. Just the very act of communicating about and planning for such an undertaking required us to be super-focused, and v3 release should attest to our hard work in improving the product.

Based on our findings, we communicated recommendations to better improve the user experience throughout the product. Here we plot specific IA, design, and content issues.


Plotting recommendations based on moderated and unmoderated study findings: designing with better affordances, findability, and error handling.


When developing scheduling- a new feature for ethnio- we wanted to be sure to think through the various ways it could work. The constraint of allowing the customer to choose 7 timeslot options for any 7 days allowed us to simplify and speed up the development process, while still providing the customer a good range of scheduling ability.