VNTG is an iPhone app for personal wine cellars -available now in the App Store. It catalogs a user's wine collection, and generates each bottle's 'drinking window,' letting you know the perfect time to enjoy your wines. An indie project with a tiny team, we're constantly refining, looking for ways to make it even better. www.>.

At the core of the app are its two main tasks: keep track of your cellar, and know what is ready to drink. We approached both of these by looking at how categories might be broken up, and the best flow to quickly get quickly to the information. I created mockups to communicate user progession through various tasks within the app, by implementing native iOS functionality with the visual design.


These pages house information that creates the drinking window, but also other information that users may use to customize that - or just to catalog. As we iterated on the design, we made choices that helped to create a cleaner interface.


At this stage we had not added all the features we wanted, but we had a solid foundation to build upon, to easily visualize where things would naturally fit as we discussed what to add and what to take away.