With an undergrad degree in Art, and training in Multimedia Studies, my unique perspective comes from combining creativity with the technical.

Tools & capabilities 

I’m always open to trying new tools- here are just a few I commonly use:

  • Prototyping: Axure RP Pro, Adobe XD, Invision, Flinto,  or good old sharpies + paper

  • Wireframing: Omnigraffle, Sketch, Adobe CC

  • Research + Video editing: Final Cut Pro,, web conference and screen recording tools

  • Collaboration + Presentation: Keynote, Excel, Jira, Indesign

  • Technical Foundation with an understanding of HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP. CMS’s such as WordPress and Adobe Experience Manager




I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, that spanned a range of client needs in terms of generating insights. However, all projects have started with a foundation of understanding unique contexts that affect the experience. I’m well- equipped to scale research initiatives, from lean & quick, to deep dives… always with a goal of actionable information to inform the design.


With whiteboarding, wireframes, and prototypes representing a range of fidelity, creating the first stab at conveying an experience requires clear communication & imagination. Revisions and feedback from cross- functional teams become an opportunity to encompass multiple POV’s, and create a design that truly works.  


Work does not stop with annotations or a high-fidelity prototype; seeing a project through to the next steps often requires ensuring strategic foundations carry through to visual design, front and backend development, content creation & governance.

Building user experiences that solve real needs since 2011.

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Oakland & the San Francisco bay area