When we were asked by the leading creative software brand to detail out their product customer care journey, we jumped at the opportunity. The aim was to understand the motivations and goals of a beginner, and to begin identifying solutions to their most urgent obstacles.



We ran a workshop with product experts and stakeholders, turning insights into two key personas, and created a range of artifacts and design deliverables. My worked included:

Comparative/ competitive landscape of service experiences, to give us a baseline and inspire our work

Organizing findings from workshop into phases & themes, analyzing for empathy mapping and an impactful customer “story”

Design of our final deliverable: a micro- and macro-view “map” of the detailed user journey, pain points, and opportunities.


Competitive & comparative analysis

By examining support experiences both in and out of category, our team has a foundation to refer back to when questions arise (such as: “who presents a range of documentation types in an easy-to-understand way?”)

“Buy” phase: Detailed view

Following the workshop, I began organizing insights, verbatims, previous research, and assumptions about a new user’s thoughts, feelings and actions. Experiences and devices per phase helped us understand the best touchpoint for their phase in the journey. 

We uncovered a swath of pain points across each phase, and brainstormed solutions to address these via in-product experiences, via web content, and other service touchpoints.


We uncovered the ‘peaks and valleys’ of the user’s journey, which pointed to opportunities for the design of the web service experience and other broader efforts.  

Co-creation with various stakeholders on the client teams that ensured a broad range of inputs and better buy-in. 

An artifact used to ensure that agency and internal teams retain a focus on customer empathy.

Inspired our client to work with us on additional projects, including a chat-based ‘Help’ assistant.

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