The newly created enterprise division of an established hardware manufacturer asked us to create an extensive content repository that would support + live within the main site experience.


We wanted to create a destination for useful IT-centric content, that felt up-to-date, and rich, without being spec- or support-centric. My work included:

Comparative/competitive landscape & audience analysis insights that informed strategy and helped align on requirements

Flows, wireframes, and clickable prototypes for both front-end consumer experience, as well as back-end authoring experiences based on our suggested taxonomy structure

Designing and prototyping components for the greater site system, which surfaced content and drove traffic to the library


User insights

I assessed user needs from a broad “search mindset” context, prioritized specific content types for user groups, and contextualized our recommendation in a spectrum. 

High-level flows

The challenge was in creating a streamlined experience that could accommodate the thematic complexity while not overwhelming the user.

Backend authoring

As we were developing the resource library taxonomy alongside the design, we helped the client envision how their team would go about tagging content for the library


We provided a design for a rich repository that allows for both curated and serendipitous content.


We provided a destination that connected users with content they need, while providing an opportunity to showcase the brand’s POV 

Addresses a variety of “paths in”, using a straightforward filtering mechanism for users coming in from the library landing page, and hyper- relevant results for users coming from key modules on site pages.

Aided content strategy and client teams to visualize the taxonomy, which helped refine their efforts at streamlining the categories and tags.

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