A newly created enterprise arm of an established hardware manufacturer asked our team to create an extensive content repository that lived within the main site experience. For this resource library, we helped the client align on a purpose and goal:

  • Accommodate users who know what resources they need; inspire and educate those who are open to discovery.
  • Get more eyes on content and increase engagement with content to drive leads

We wanted to create a destination for useful IT-centric content, that felt up-to-date, and rich, without being spec- or support-centric. My work included:

  • Taxonomy & subject matter analysis
  • Comparative/competitive landscape & audience analysis
  • Flow, wireframes, and clickable prototypes for both user and author experience

Taxonomy development process

Devising a data model and a sense of content depth, breadth, and meaningful relationships required subject matter rigor and help from content teams.  

User insight

Users looking for knowledge don’t “decide” to go to a resource library then search, so I assessed user needs from a broader “search mindset” context.

High level flow

The challenge was in creating a streamlined experience that could accommodate the thematic complexity while not overwhelming the user. 

Clickable, annotated wireframe/prototype

By creating a clickable prototype (using Axure RP), I could demonstrate the experience in-browser. As a bonus, annotations are hidden until needed, and less relied upon, since the intended design can be demonstrated.










  • An extensive repository that allows for both curated and serendipitous content. 
  • Connecting users with content they need, while showcasing the brand’s POV.
  • A straightforward filtering mechanism for users coming in from the library landing page, and hyper- relevant results for users coming from key modules on site pages.

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