Having previously conducted a discovery phase with the world’s leading creative and marketing technology software brand, were were inspired to focus first on creating a destination for their thought leadership content.



To make the shift to an Enterprise Digital Experience leader, their content needed a home that could act as a hub from social, while also bringing site content to life for pre- and post-purchase users. My work:

Working with the client’s content teams to define and prioritize content types, themes, industries, and key audiences.

Initial interactive wires to establish flow, components, and page types. Detailed annotated wires for developer spec and interactions.

Multi-page prototype based on finalized visual design, showcasing content themes and micro-animation behavior, using Axure RP.


Page types

Once we had alignment on the general experience, we began to establish the constituent components, and further define the details for each.

Component- level annotation

Since, to start, existing content would be migrated in, we had to ensure components were flexible enough to incorporate disparate requirements (without appearing inconsistent next to each other).

High-fidelity prototype

The project meant aligning on various requirements including editorial goals, content creation capabilities, lead generation, dynamic vs. curated content, and placement within site IA. From there, I created the prototype to be used for internal buy-in and user testing efforts.


We delivered a successful solution that enabled the client to expand their editorial capabilities, and create consistency and coherence for highly shareable business content.


A well-incorporated hub within the main site, enabling better contextual linkages without sending users off to various micro-sites

Creation of new components and page elements that could be leveraged on other parts of the site as additional work progressed 

A successful first initiative in a overall vision for enterprise which bolstered our client’s confidence in our team’s abilities

Building user experiences that solve real needs since 2011.

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