The leading technology manufacturer asked us to refresh and reorganize their Internet of Things web experience. For this we aimed to quickly connect users to relevant content , highlight the breadth of solutions, and create connections that drive users to action.


We started with the retail section of the site, and scaled this approach to other industry sections. Our 2-person team (myself and a Content Strategist) worked hand-in-hand for initial discovery, and split into respective disciplines for the detailed phases. My work included:

Site audit, stakeholder interviews, comparative landscape analysis, and audience assessment to focus in on key users– all culminating in key findings + recommendations presentation

Site map for the intended experience, hero flows to prioritize key paths, then moved into detailed wireframes for component-level specificity and content zone direction

Working with Content Strategy to devise a system of content governance and template usage guidelines to provide a structured system for additional industries.


High level IA recommendation

After assessing content and aligning to business goals for the site, we arrived at a recommended structure that gave structure to the extensive content the client hoped to showcase.

high level page flow

Content zones / Hero flow (Healthcare Phase)

Arriving at a solid pathing model and applying it to other areas of the site ensured a coherent experience, and a structure that internal teams could replicate on their own. 

Healthcare wireframes

Wireframe: Healthcare Landing Page

Created with an eye for replicate-ability and to require zero dev time. Specific annotation of which components should be used, alongside component content guidelines to ensure consistency, and to enable content authors to easily map to copy deck.


A showcase that brings inherently innovative subject matter to life for a business context

We gave the client a flexible IA and component structure that scales as the ‘Internet of Things’ evolves across new industries and new solutions are created 

Governance, content clarity, and guidance for marketers and content authors

This project’s success drove the client to engage with us for similar initiatives for the Technology and Product Innovation content areas.

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