Working with the leading chip manufacturer (having previously re-imagined their entire site design system) we looked forward to redesigning their account management portal– used frequently by high value partners and resellers to access program-related information.



We conducted extensive requirements gathering, and with small team of design + dev, aimed to deliver MVP in front-end code within iterative bursts. My work included:

Detailed process flows that uncovered opportunities, and contingent requirements around user registration, communities, and role assignment functionality.

Wireframes and site mapping efforts to establish application pages views and IA; flows to show user progression through key features and annotation of states/ behaviors.

Prototyping out later micro-flows for feature updates, refinements based on user testing, and content additions.


“Managing Personnel” process flow

By conceptualizing the flow of potential user actions alongside the intended system display and actions, we were able to ensure we addressed all necessary scenarios and states.

Screen Flow: Membership renewal alert

Quick flows allowed us to describe key processes, and to design necessary icons systems, alert stylings, and additional states for an intuitive experience.

Prototype: “Searching by name”

By framing our only “deliverable” as the HTML prototype, we were able to demonstrate intended functionality, quickly address feedback, and ensure client dev teams had a solid basis to start implementing from.


We delivered a simplified profile experience that helped members to quickly update information, so they could focus on their business (not on managing their partner account)


After the initial handoff, I contributed periodic updates for new features for the core experience, usually prototyping interactions for the client dev teams to implement.


To ensure consistency, I leveraged successful patterns from the account management system when designing other form- centric components throughout the site.


With the success of this project, our agency added to our “real-time design’ capabilities, opening up doors for additional flexible project methodologies.

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