A leading enterprise technology client turned to us to help them deploy core social features to aggregate their owned and earned content, and to help create a framework that enables impactful placement within the existing site.


Working with a 3rd party moderation tool, our team of design/ux, social strategy, and product management aimed to create a defined set of modules for a pilot phase. My work included:

Rapidly prototyping (Axure RP), presenting to client, and iterating based on requirements and client feedback.

Providing compelling usage scenarios, component-level goals, and usage guidelines which could be incorporated into overall site content strategy and social strategy.

Functional and content annotations to address myriad of possible states, dynamic layouts, and user generated content the modules would need to accommodate.


Prototyped Wireframes: Explorable Mosaics

One of the patterns we devised ensured that the content modules sat cohesively within the rest of the page content and provided light, scrollable opportunities for engagement with the brand’s POV from a mix of social sources.

Final Design: Media Wall

Other components acted as core page content (for destinations such as newsroom) and invited users who may be looking for the breadth of company POV to scan through the freshest content.


We helped the client showcase their user-generated content in a way that supported their brand, while allowing them to work within their existing content creation workflows.


Designs included two variations for community content, two for blog content, and three for integrated social content.

With an understanding of the requirements of the 3rd party moderation tool under our belt, we could apply our learnings for other client work involving user generated content.

Content Strategy and Social Strategy teams had a solid basis to move forward to help the client further optimize their processes.

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